Information on my style

Since the name of this blog is photography and disability I thought I would talk about the combination. I use crutches and a long leg brace to enable me to walk. Most of the ground, including the paved paths, out here in the Southwest have sand or gravel on them. This gives me an uncomfortable feeling walking as a crutch could slide out very easily. Camera gear is expensive and my body is not as resilient as it used to be so falls are not a good thing. This has led me to do most of my photography from the car or very near it. This is not a real problem just a fact. Most of my photography is of nature so if you just take photos indoors this won’t be of any help to you.

The crutches have a positive too. When hand holding shots I can lean forward on the crutches for support and sort of become a quadpod. This makes a sturdy base. See the photo taken of me during the Mentor Series visit to Old Tucson as an example.

Being limited I just need to look for good spots. There are several places where the animals are accustomed to cars so you can park and get good images. Bosque del Apache in New Mexico is one of my favorite places for this. There are some city parks in Tucson that offer short hikes to get some good bird photography opportunities. By joining the local birding listserver I have learned where specific birds are located. This led me to my first Wood Duck last year.

Beside the wilds you can always go to zoos and other facilities. The Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum is located here in Tucson and was listed as one of the top 10 sites for photography by Scott Bourne. It specializes in the plants and animals of the Sonoran desert. It also has a Humming bird aviary where I really became hooked on bird photography. Humming birds were my mother’s favorite bird. You need to pay attention to your background to avoid showing the animals are captive. (If you enter contests you may have to declare “captive” though.) Hanging on your wall no one needs to know where you took it.

You can also use your yard as a great place for photography. There are several ways to attract birds and wildlife that can then become nice photos. All the plants and insects are just calling out for macro-photography. Obtain as much information as you can about the area and your subject. Plan where you are going to be for best angles. I’ll go into more details about using your car later. I just wanted to get some information out there. Enjoy.


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  1. Love this photo of you…..could I post this one with one of your photos and your website on my Facebook page? Who knows…a little advertising is always good. Xoxo

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