Why I take photographs

I have been giving some thought to why I take the photographs I do. First off is to share my love of the outdoors and animals with other people (like you). I grew up in the country and spent a lot of my time in the woods learning about animals. I even wanted to be a herpetologist for a while, then reality set in. Being on crutches and chasing snakes probably wouldn’t mix for employment.
I want people to get a view of nature that only a still photograph can give. The photos are a captured moment in time that will never happen again. Usually you can see details in the animal you can’t see in real time. The feathers on the birds are good examples. You can see the edges and how they are positioned for flight. The light hitting the feathers on the hummingbirds making them iridescent is one of my favorite subjects. Macro photography gives great insight into the unseen world. Small insects and flowers are great targets as well as being beautiful.
Mainly I take my photos because I enjoy it and it gives me a good reason to get outside. Sharing just increases the joy.  

Ring neck duck

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