Book update

This blog post is an update to my book. As you know the book contains 10 of my favorite places to visit for photographing from your car or near. Some places have been visited since finishing the book and I would like to give you my thoughts on those places.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is a beautiful place to visit but is not good for my type of photography. The roads have small shoulders offering no place to pull off to take images. Plus there is a fair amount of traffic and the roads have many turns so there is no safe place to stop while remaining on the road.

Rocky Mountain National Park is an ideal place to visit for photography from the car. It offers many opportunities for landscape images as well as animals that are used to vehicular traffic. When I was there I saw elk, big horn sheep and deer as well as birds. The fall colors were just starting and were beautiful. Sprague lake has a well maintained walking trail all the way around offering many reflections and mountain views.

Bull elk seeing who is alpha male.

Fall reflection on Sprague lake

I made a short stop at Bryce and Zion National Parks. The weather was bad so it really isn’t fair for me to judge them. The Red Rock area on the way into Bryce was impressive and offered several images. I will say the parks are probably worth another visit. A deer jumping in front of my car cut the visit shorter than I had planned.

Red Rock view

Mount Evans in Colorado is another ideal place for photography from your car. The views and plants make for interesting scenic images. When on the mountain I saw marmots and mountain goats. There is large stand of bristlecone pine trees. These trees have a unique look that translates in photographs well. I want to get back there soon. The downside to Mount Evans is the short season the road all the way to the top is open.

Mountain goat on Mt Evans

The Painted Desert is another great place for driving through and getting good images. You will need to get out at some of the pull offs to get the best angles. As usual early and late are the best times for light and color. The Petrified Forest is part of this drive. If you’re wanting to show close up views of the petrified wood you’ll need to get out and really work the subjects.

If you want to read about the ten places I selected for the book “Photography from Your Car” you can purchase the book here. It is available in both Kindle and printed versions. I can autograph one for you if you contact me by using the form at the bottom of this post.

Tell me if you know of an area I should visit by filling out contact form at bottom of the post. I am planning a visit back to Midwest the summer of 2015. If you have a favorite place between Arizona and Ohio that you think I would enjoy visiting pass it along to me, here. If you suggest a spot and I do get to visit I’ll send you an 8.5 x 11 print of my favorite image from there.


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