Links and their meaning

I want to explain the links to the right on my Welcome page. I have two photographers and three merchants listed. The photographers are people I’ve taken workshops from and have established a friendship. They are great photographers as you will see if you visit their sites. I also recommend their workshops if you want to learn and get some great images. I have affiliate status with the merchants listed so you will get good price and I will get a small bonus.

Gary Hamburgh is known as “The Palouse Guy”. His specialty is photographs of the Palouse area of Washington state. He knows several of the landowners and gets access to areas that add to the experience. The area offers beautiful vistas, old barns, farming activities, and many other items of interest.

Weldon Lee is based close to Rocky Mountain National Park. His specialty is wild animals. Take a look at his site and see some awesome images. He leads several workshops during the year. The one in Rocky Mountain National Park offers scenic and wildlife photographic opportunities.

Backblaze is the company I use to store my data offsite. If you feel your data is important you need to back it up and have one of the backups offsite. Backblaze offers a good service at reasonable price so check them out.

Think Tank is the brand of my major camera bag. I have had it for several years and see it lasting several more before needing replacement. They off a range of bags and accessories for your photographic gear. They offer the highest quality gear so if you need something and you want it to last check them out.

Adorama is one of the big stores out of New York. They offer great prices and offer most everything you will need for your photography. I have tried several stores and Adorama has treated me well and service has been rapid and correct. Check them out if you need anything.


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