My downward spiral

I have always needed a brace to walk and crutches for going long distances due to polio at age two. During high school, just a good starting point, I could walk around inside without using the crutches. If I went outside where the surface was rough, I needed the crutches. I had to walk the golf courses I played. The athletic association made an allowance and allowed me to have a caddy. This level of ability remained until the 80’s when I moved to Arizona.

In Arizona my home had carpet and ceramic tile with a big difference in height. I started using my crutches indoors so I wouldn’t trip where carpet and tile met. Plus, I had to be more careful outdoors due to the loose rocks. A small rock on sidewalk and under crutch tip could spell a rapid descent to the ground. This level lasted for several years.

When I returned to Arizona in 2001 I got involved in photography in a big way. Around 2010 I had acquired enough good photo equipment I got nervous about falling while carrying thousands of dollars worth of gear. I bought a manual wheelchair so I could move around without fear of falling. I felt better but limited. I could only go where there was a smooth surface to roll on. Also since I didn’t use the chair often I would be sore the day after an outing.

About a month ago I was convinced to buy a mobility scooter. It was hard for me to admit I needed it, but it has opened up several local photographic areas I had been avoiding. I looked into all terrain wheelchairs but they were too expensive. No insurance for things like this. I think the scooter will serve my purpose of carrying me and photo equipment better than the chair. I have used a similar scooter at the Desert Museum so I had an idea what they would do. My concern now is I may do something stupid like get stuck while out alone.

So in about 50 years I’ve gone from being very independent to using a mobility scooter at times. I had wanted to get back in condition but too lazy. I’m glad I made the move since I can now go more places and enjoy the great outdoors again. It’s just hard to think about the descent of my physical abilities.


One thought on “My downward spiral

  1. Enjoyed hearing about your “journey”. Glad you have found a viable way to continued your craft. You have great vision and the technique to share those experiences with others. So glad you are my good friend.

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