I was remembering back in the film days I used to bracket (one over exposure and one under exposure and one right on) to make sure I had the best exposure. Since we didn’t have instant feedback it was used to ensure quality. The downside was it cost money in film and development. The question is why has this habit fallen out of favor?

Have the exposure meters in the cameras gotten that much better? Since we can chimp the image right away can the exposure can be judged instantly? Or is it no one mentions it anymore?

Since taking an image is practically free now I’ve gone back to brackets when there is a range of lighting on stationary subjects. I can set my camera up to produce HDR and save all exposures. I quite often like one of the exposures better than the HDR image. Downside to this process is there is delay while camera creates HDR image so can not take more than one image without waiting. The camera can also be set up to bracket exposures and this is more rapid process. You might want to give it a try and see how you like the exposures for your camera. If you always like a stop over or under you might want to set that as your norm.

Of course this does not work for things things like sports and wildlife where you need to use rapid fire.

Play with different things and see what you like. It doesn’t cost now so what do you have to lose.


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