Future of Digital Images

I have been thinking what is going to happen to digital photographs? I have thousands of photos with a few being decent. After I leave this planet what will happen to these images? Plus what about all the photos being taken and stored on cellphones?  

Will surviving family members be interested in what’s stored on my computer? Chances are that if they are interested in computers, theirs will be better than mine so why would they bother with it. If they are not interested in computers it will just be something to sell for some money. If they are just interested in photos will they want to take the time to find and process the images? If they are not familiar with my sorting method they might have to look through lots of images to get ones they like. I am trying to keep images in folders by date and location but will this be enough help.

 I have kept my negatives from my old film days, so those images can be reproduced. Of course they can also be tossed if there is no interest. It does take some effort to look at a negative and try and ascertain if it will produce a quality image. It would be expensive to make prints from all the negatives. I also have slides saved but projector is gone, so would someone want to look at each slide by hand?

 I have friends who take all their photos with a cellphone and store them there. I’m assuming the photos get transferred when new phones are purchased. But what happens when the owner passes? Most of these type images are snippets of family activities and people. Some of the photos would be nice to be passed on to future generations so they can see their ancestors.

My sister has all our old family photographic prints. She enjoys going through them and trying to figure out who the people are that are a couple of generations removed, or just seeing how we looked growing up. Will this joy be denied future generations?

Should I make prints of the images I like best or should I just share digitally with friends? I was just thinking of the time and effort I put in to create photographs and how sad that the images will just disappear when I expire. Of course I won’t be around so why should I be concerned. Maybe I should just keep doing photography for my own enjoyment and not worry about the future.



One thought on “Future of Digital Images

  1. make a copy of all your faves.. you have some awesome pics.. does seattle filmworks still exist. that is where i used to have all my prints made.. you can do it straight from the computer.. size em and all and it was very inexpensive.. i have wondered the same thing though.. in the past photo albums got passed on from generation to generation.. what will happen now that all the photos are in the cloud>>

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